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At ThoughtCo, we believe that learning is a never-ending process, and that great inspiration begins with a question. Whether yours is about science, history, math, or religion, our in-depth articles give you the answers and information you need to be smart, informed and confident. So whether you are asking for a class, that next conversation, or just because you want to know, ThoughtCo can help.

Let your curiosity lead the way. ThoughtCo, Lifelong Learning.

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Our experienced team is committed to creating content you not only turn to, but count on when you want to learn more. Meet our team:

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Our Content

ThoughtCo, a brand, is an education website that launched in March of 2017. Dotdash is a trusted media company that has been in operation since 1997 and is part of the IAC family of websites.

We take pride in the content that we create for our readers and strive to make our articles trustworthy and reliable.

Our Writers

All of our writers have an educational background and/or professional experience in their subject areas. Many of our literature writers, for example, have degrees in English or Classic Literature. Some have PhDs or work in academia.

Unbiased and Research Based

We require writers to produce fact-based articles that acknowledge the validity of all viewpoints, regardless of their personal beliefs. Many of our articles include a source list at the bottom of the article to support the writer’s claims and to allow readers to explore further. We encourage writers to use primary sources as well as academic research to validate their writing.

Once an article is written, ThoughtCo staff reviews and edits it, adding images and polishing it to make sure it’s perfect before we categorize the article and publish it to our library.


Although the vast majority of our content is evergreen, that doesn’t mean articles are posted and left alone. We regularly assess our body of content to determine where we need to focus editorial resources. We update thousands of articles every month, consolidating, editing, expanding, and rewriting in order to keep them current. You will notice an “Updated by” date on many ThoughtCo articles which will tell you when the article was last edited.

In most cases, you will be able to read about the specific author who worked on the article you are reading by clicking on the byline. In the event that an article has been significantly updated by someone other than the original author, we have replaced the byline with “By ThoughtCo” to better reflect our editorial process.

Commerce Content

ThoughtCo’s commerce content is created by a team entirely separate from ThoughtCo’s editorial team. This team focuses on researching and writing thoughtful reviews of books and other products that we feel confident recommending to our readers. These reviews may contain affiliate links, for which we earn a commission. You can read more about the commerce team’s writing and research process here.

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We receive emails every day from our readers, sometimes to say thank you, sometimes to ask a question, and sometimes to suggest an improvement. Whether you have a comment or an idea to share, we look forward to hearing from you.

While we receive too many emails to respond to each one, we try our best to use your suggestions to improve our content. Feel free to reach out by emailing

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ThoughtCo is a brand and part of the IAC family of websites.

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