25 People Who Accidentally Blended in With Their Surroundings

That Awkward Moment When You're Wearing a Wallpaper Pattern...

Via Imgur u/CuriousGuyPMnudes.

Have you ever been out and about in the world when suddenly you look down and realize that your outfit totally matches the wall behind you? Or have you gone furniture shopping only to discover that your sweater is more "upholstery" than hipster? If not, count yourself lucky, because it seems that cases of accidental "urban camouflage" are a lot more common than you'd think!

Take the folks in these pictures, for instance. There they were, walking around thinking they looked pretty respectable... when in reality they're blending in with their surroundings so much that they might as well be wearing Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. How did they handle the embarrassment of wearing a wallpaper pattern? They snapped a pic so we could all have a good laugh on the internet! Thanks, guys!

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This Girl Matched the Hotel Hallway

Via Imgur u/CuriousGuyPMnudes.

Do they sell this shirt in the gift shop, or was this just a freaky coincidence?

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Wallpaper Is Really Your Color

Via Reddit.

Remember that scene in "Garden State" where Zach Braff wears a shirt made from left over fabric wallpaper? This is just like that, except 100% unintentional.

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That's Tight(s)

Via Imgur u/CuriousGuyPMnudes.

Which came first, the floor-colored tights or the tights-colored floor? Either way, this is a definite office fail!

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No, That's Not a Floating Head on the Stairs

Via Izismile.

Do not adjust your screens! This is an actual human woman perched on a set of carpeted stairs and NOT a floating lady head, as it first appears.

Naturally this photo raises questions. First and foremost, was there a sale at JoAnn Fabric?

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The Walking iPhone Case

Via Imgur u/CuriousGuyPMnudes.

Well, this is certainly awkward.

"Who are you wearing?"


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We're Not Saying Your Outfit Is Ugly, But...

Via Pinterest.

Looks good on you, though! 

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Via Imgur u/CuriousGuyPMnudes.

Before you file a missing persons report, make sure to check to see if the person is actually just blending in with her comforter. Good rule of thumb.

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Has Anybody Seen Bob?

Via Imgur u/CuriousGuyPMnudes.

We thought he came back from his hunting trip, but he never turned up at home.

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Mom Down! I Repeat, MOM DOWN!

Via Izismile.

And she wonders why people walk all over her.

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Via Izismile.

So, THIS happened. Worst. Party. Ever.

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Cosby Sweater Chic

Via Imgur u/CuriousGuyPMnudes.

Next time, maybe don't wear a sweater designed by Chuck E. Cheese.

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Comes With Matching Washcloth?

Via Ranker.

For when you can only wash your face with the finest textiles.

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That's It

Via Ranker.

One of us is going to have to change.

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Invisible Feet

Via Imgur u/CuriousGuyPMnudes.

These socks are perfect for when you want to look like your legs just end at the bottom of your jeans. 'Cuz who doesn't want that?!

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Speaking of Socks

Via 9gag.

Which ones are more garish, the socks or the carpet?

Answer: Both.

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Not to Be Outdone by Socks

Via Imgur u/CuriousGuyPMnudes.

I see your matching socks and raise you matching tennis shoes.

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Yipes, Stripes

Via Ranker.

Proof that this pattern doesn't look good on anything (or anyone).

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Construct This

Via Imgur u/CuriousGuyPMnudes.

Nothing to see here; just a dude dressed exactly like a construction cone. Carry on.

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These Bags Aren't Glad, They're Plaid

Via Ranker.

Just taking these very preppy bags of trash to the dump. By the way, has anyone seen Ted today?

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Cute Little Fire Hydrant

Via Imgur u/CuriousGuyPMnudes.

You don't want to see her start spouting water. Trust me.

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Houndstooth For You, Houndstooth For Me

Via Izismile.

She was just meeting a friend for lunch when suddenly... Time to go home and change.

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Who's There?

Via Imgur u/CuriousGuyPMnudes.

We're certain that this outfit looked much better in the vertical, upright position.

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Maybe It's Maybelline

Via Imgur u/CuriousGuyPMnudes.

On second thought, no. It's not Maybelline; it's Subway Chic.

Still, this isn't the weirdest thing we've ever spotted on the subway. Not even close. 

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That's Not Photoshop

Via Pinterest.

Nope, no photo editing tricks here! This is just straight up matchy-matching with Mother Nature. 

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Sun, Surf, and Sand? Check.

Via Imgur u/CuriousGuyPMnudes.

This one might very well be an intentional design, and if so, well done! It sure beats a chest hair bathing suit or something crazy like that.

Very cool urban camo, everyone! Keep up the good work blending right in with your surroundings. This way you can attend the event without having to actually interact with anyone, because they won't even see you standing there! Outfits like these are truly an introvert's dream.

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