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Cheerleaders are always in search of new and exciting cheers. So, that's why we're constantly soliciting cheers, chants, and yells from cheerleaders and coaches from around the world. Below you'll find our newest collection including cheers for basketball, football, and competitions. Use them as is or be creative and change them up to fit your needs. Then add in some cool motions and you'll be set to wow the crowd at your next game, pep rally or competition.

  • Stand up,
    it's time to shout
    Come on fans,
    Yell it out
    Say it loud
    Say it proud
    Go your (School Name)
    Go! Go! Go!
  • Heck yeah, we're hot
    Tigers make that shot!
  • Salt makes you thirsty,
    Pepper makes you sneeze,
    But when it comes to Basketball,
    We make you buckle at your Knees!
    Go (Your Mascot)!
  • 2, 4, 6, 8
    Who do we appreciate?
    Not the king,
    Not the queen,
    Only the (your team name) football team!
  • Watch out, step back,
    The Tigers are on the attack
    We're strong, powerful, dominating and bold
    Warriors remember only champions wear gold!
  • Nice one (star player),
    Nicely done,
    Come on Cruisers (team name),
    Let's score another one!
  • We're the roughest,
    We're the toughest,
    We're the best around.
    And when it comes to basketball,
    We really, really (said fast)
    We really, really (said fast)
    We really, really (said fast) get down!
  • 1-(clap), 2-(clap), 3-(clap), 4-(clap)
    We are the Rams from CHS,
    here to prove the red and blue is a step above the rest (three-person pyramid)
    Come on Ram fans get up and cheer,
    This is our year!
    (shuttle drop and yell)Go Rams (clap, clap)
    Go Rams (clap clap)
    Go Rams!
  • (3 times)
    First and ten,
    Let's do it again
    Now go (team name)
  • Twirl around,
    touch the ground,
    'Cuz guess what,
    We just gotta touch down.
  • Around and around and around the mat,
    but he won't,
    but he won't
    but he won't lay flat.
    Because he's willing and ready to fight,
    and he will pin you,
    You got the right!
  • Number (number of player),
    He's our man/she's our girl
    Let's give him/her a great big hand xxxxxx
  • Genie, Genie, grant our wish!
    Genie, genie make that ball go SWISH! (CLAP, CLAP)
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