Christopher McKittrick


  • Web editor for VFX Voice, an authoritative publication on visual effects in film
  • Former editor for Creative Screenwriting
  • Anthologized in 100 Entertainers Who Changed America: An Encyclopedia of Pop Culture Luminaries and Roman Catholicism in Fantastic Film 

  • Author of Can't Give It Away on Seventh Avenue: The Rolling Stones and New York City


Christopher McKittrick is a film and entertainment writer whose writing on film has been anthologized in books including 100 Entertainers Who Changed America: An Encyclopedia of Pop Culture Luminaries and Roman Catholicism in Fantastic Film. He has spoken widely about film at national conferences and conventions, including New York Comic-Con and the Midwest American Culture Association Conference.

In addition to covering film and Hollywood for ThoughtCo, Christopher is a web editor for VFX Voice, a leading publication on visual effects in film and other industries. He was previously the U.S. editor for Creative Screenwriting. Christopher's film expertise has been quoted in outlets including the Wall Street Journal and 


Chris earned a M.A. in English & Creative Writing from Hofstra University. He also holds a B.A. in Film Studies & Production and a B.A. in English Creative Writing & Literature from Hofstra. 

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