Importance of the Math Concept Area

Definition of Area
Area Defined.

In mathematics, the area of a plane figure refers to the number of square units the figure covers. The area is the inside shape or space measured in square units. In rectangles and in squares, a simple calculation of length times width will give the number of square units. The square units could be inches, centimeters, yards etc. or whatever the requested unit of measure asks for.

Formulas to Determine the Area

There are many formulas used to determine the area of common shapes or polygons.

Examples: Area = the sum of unit squares.

There are many 2-dimensional shapes you may need to find the area for which include but are not limited to:

  • Circles
  • Parallelograms
  • Rectangles
  • Triangles
  • Cones

"Real Life" Uses of Determining Area

There are many authentic and real life reasons to understand how to calculate the area of various shapes. For instance, you are looking to sod your lawn, you need to know the area of your lawn in order to purchase enough sod. You wish to lay hardwood in your living room, halls and bedrooms, again, you need to calculate the area to determine how much flooring to purchase for the various size of your rooms that are most often rectangular or square shaped. Knowing the formulas to calculate areas are a strongly suggested skill to know regardless of which profession you're in. Area is just one of those very good to know concepts in math.

Teaching Area

It is helpful to provide your learners with various word problems in math related to area. For instance, provide problems like:

The dimensions of my living room are 14 feet by 18 feet and I need to let the hardwood company know the total area to order the correct amount of hardwood to purchase.