Draw a Golden Age Comic Book Superhero Man

It's easy to learn how to draw a classic Golden Age styled comic superhero by following a simple, three-step tutorial.

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Draw a Superhero

draw a superhero step 1
Shawn Encarnacion

The first step in drawing your golden age superhero is to build the structure or simplified skeleton. This lets you get the superhero's figure in proportion and create a dynamic pose without getting bogged down in detail.

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Draw the Outline

Shawn Encarnacion

Using your framework as a guide, build the contour drawing or outline of your superhero following this example. Keep your lines smooth and flowing. Notice how the edges of the superhero figure are strongly drawn, with the muscles within the figure suggested with lighter lines. The raised knee and foreshortened thigh can seem a little odd when you first draw it, but once you've drawn the kneecap outline it makes more sense. Keep the lines simple and clean.

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The Completed Superhero Drawing

Completed superhero drawing
Shawn Encarnacion

Complete your Superhero character with a colored costume and mask. What attributes will your superhero have? What does your choice of color represent? Will he take after a classic good-guy Golden Age character, or will you turn him into an edgy, complicated modern hero?

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