How to Place Your Trailing Hand on the Golf Grip

Michael Campbell's grip on his golf club
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Placing the trailing, or lower, hand on the golf club is the second part of the two-part golf grip process. This article is best read after you have already looked over the steps for how to place your lead (top) hand on the golf grip.)

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The Trailing Hand (Lower Hand) Grip

Trailing Hand Golf Grip
The 'trailing hand' in the golf grip is the one that you place lower on the club.

Kelly Lamanna

The hand you put higher on the golf club is called your "lead hand;" the bottom hand in the grip, the one that is placed lower on the club's handle, is called the "trailing hand." Despite those labels, the trailing hand is the dominant hand for most people (if you play right-handed, your trailing, or bottom hand, will be your right hand).

It is important that the trailing hand is positioned in the golfer's grip to deliver a powerful blow at impact without overpowering the lead (or top) hand. The hands must be equal partners in the grip; therefore their placement is vital for consistent ballstriking.

To place the trailing hand on the club correctly for the power grip, follow the procedure that is described and illustrated on the following pages.

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Look at Your Fingers

Finger placements for the lower hand golf grip
Visualizing the three segments of your fingers will help you place your trailing hand properly on the grip (as seen in the following image). Kelly Lamanna

Identify the three sections of the ring, middle and index fingers (noted as sections 1, 2 and 3 in photo). Section 1 is the base of the finger (before the first knuckle), Section 3 is the tip of each finger (after the last knuckle) and Section 2 is in-between.

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Put your Fingers on the Handle

Bottom hand of golf grip is angled slightly downward
The trailing hand is placed on the golf grip at a slightly downward angle, so that the grip is held across different segments of the fingers.

Kelly Lamanna

Holding the club with a perfect lead-hand grip (the lead hand is your top hand), set the last joint (between Sections 2 and 3) of the index finger of the trailing hand directly under the shaft. The hand should be set at a slightly downward angle. Place the club handle so it touches the dots. This places the club handle between Sections 1 and 2 of the right (for right-handed players) ring finger, directly on Section 2 of the middle finger, and between Sections 2 and 3 of the index finger.

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Use Your Lifeline

Lifeline of bottom hand in golf grip covers thumb of top hand
Wrap the lifeline of your trailing-hand palm over the thumb of your leading (top) hand.

Kelly Lamanna

Cover your lead-hand (top-hand) thumb with the lifeline of your trailing palm.

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Check the 'V' Position

V position of hands in the golf grip
Make sure the thumb-forefinger V of your trailing hand is parallel to that of your top hand, and points back to the 1 o'clock position.

Kelly Lamanna

Make sure that the "V" formed by the thumb and forefinger of your trailing (bottom) hand points toward your back ear/shoulder area (the 1 o'clock position). This "V" should be parallel to the "V" on your lead hand (as illustrated by the double arrows in the photo).

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