K. Kris Hirst

  • Archaeologist with several decades of field experience, including 14 years with the University of Iowa's Office of the State Archaeologist
  • Author of The Archaeologist's Book of Quotations
  • Member of the Society for American Archaeology (1986-present) and the National Association of Science Writers (2007-present) 


Kris Hirst is an archaeologist and science writer. She has worked as a principal investigator for the Louis Berger Group (2000-2005) and a project archaeologist for the University of Iowa's Office of the State Archaeologist (1986-2000).

Kris has written for ThoughtCo and About Education since 1997. In addition, Kris has published her work in a number of magazines, including Science and Archaeology. She has also participated in panel discussions and presented conference papers related to use of the Internet as a tool for sharing archaeological information with the public. 


Kris earned her M.A. in anthropology from the University of Iowa. She received a B.Ed. from Illinois State University.

Awards and Publications 

  • The Archaeologist's Book of Quotations. (2009, Routledge)
  • "." (2008, Encyclopedia of Archaeology, Academic Press)
  • "." (2006, Archaeology Online)

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