Least Visited National Parks In the United States

List of the Ten Least Visited United States National Parks

Photomosaic Map of Alaska
Half of the ten least visited national parks in the United States are in Alaska. StockTrek/Getty Images

The United States is home to 58 different national parks and over 300 units or areas such as national monuments and national seashores that are protected by the National Park Service. The first national park to come into existence in the U.S. was Yellowstone (located in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming) on March 1, 1872. Today, it is one of the most visited parks in the country. Other popular parks in the U.S. include Yosemite in California, the in Arizona and the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina.

Each of these parks sees millions of visitors each year. There are many other national parks in the U.S. however that receive far fewer annual visitors. The following is a list of the ten least visited national parks through August 2009. The list is arranged by the number of visitors in that year and begins with the least visited park in the U.S. Information was obtained from the Los Angeles Times , "America's Hidden Gems: The 20-Least Crowded National Parks in 2009."

Number of Visitors: 1,250
Location: Alaska

Number of Visitors: 2,412
Location: American Samoa

Number of Visitors: 4,134
Location: Alaska

Number of Visitors: 4,535
Location: Alaska

Number of Visitors: 9,257
Location: Alaska

Number of Visitors: 12,691
Location: Michigan

Number of Visitors: 13,759
Location: Washington

Number of Visitors: 53,274
Location: Alaska

Number of Visitors: 60,248
Location: Nevada

Number of Visitors: 63,068
Location: South Carolina

To learn more about national parks, visit the of the National Park Service.


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