Mary Bellis

Mary Bellis has been writing about inventors since 1997. She also loves to tinker (invent) and spends too much time in her workshop developing her ideas.


Forbes Best of the Web credits Mary for creating the number one online destination for information about inventors and inventions. Her writing has been reprinted and referenced to in numerous educational books and articles. Her opinion and advice is requested by media outlets on a constant basis. In addition, she has produced and directed a number of films, including a documentary on Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, and has worked as a curator specializing in computer generated art.


Mary has two degrees in film and animation from the San Francisco Art Institute. She is a big fan of both history and technology and an avid reader of books and periodicals on those topics.

Mary Bellis

I have a passion for inventing and a deep respect for all inventors. I know firsthand the difficulties that inventors face and I want to help by making the path from idea to marketplace a clearer process.

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