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  • Jacob Teichroew has written jazz news, reviews, and interviews for more than twelve years, contributing to both online and print publications.
  • Teichroew is a trained musician
  • Teichroew is a musician, bandleader, and music instructor.


Jacob Teichroew is a former writer for ThoughtCo who wrote about the jazz genre of music for more than four years. His articles include industry news, reviews of concerts and CDs, and interviews with leading jazz figures. Jacob is a published musician, writer, and educator living in New York City. 

His writing appears on Jazz.com, among other publications. He also co-authored a book containing transcriptions and analyses of solos by legendary jazz saxophonists from Coleman Hawkins to Joe Lovano. In 2013, Fresh Sound released the Jacob Teichrowe Quintet's CD Tableaux.

Jacob was a national finalist in the 2006 North American Saxophone Alliance Young Jazz Artists Improvisation Competition. He performs the saxophone and woodwinds in various jazz and improvisational groups in New York City and beyond.

Jacob is also a teacher. He teaches music through the Third Street Music Settlement's School Partnerships program. He also performs with Music Crossing Borders, a non-profit company which brings music to New York City public schools.


He earned a Master Arts (M.A.) in Jazz Studies from the City University of New York-Queens College. He also holds a Bachelor Music (BM) in saxophone performance and a Bachelor Arts (BA) in philosophy from Lawrence University and the Conservatory of Music. He is on track to complete a masters in Music Teacher Education in 2020.

Awards and Publications
  • Jacob Teichroew Quintet, ​Tableaux, (Fresh Sounds, 2013)
  • 2006 national finalist in the North American Saxophone Alliance Young Jazz Artists Improvisation Competition

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