Sikh Wedding Hymns of the Anand Karaj Marriage Ceremony

Sikh wedding couple

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A series of six Sikh wedding hymns shabads, or hymns are at the core of the Anand Karaj marriage ceremony. All wedding hymns describe the blissful wedded union of the soul bride with her divine groom. To commence the ceremony, three introductory shabads are performed as a blessing to the bridal couple. Ragis sing the shabads accompanied by whoever wishes to sing along. Next, the Laav, a set of four verses are first to read aloud from the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib by the Granthi in attendance. Then, as the bride and the groom walk clockwise around the scripture in a series of four nuptial rounds, the Laavan shabads are sung by Ragis. A final two hymns blessing the union of bride and groom, are performed to conclude the ceremony.

"Keeta Loree-ai Kaam"

Couple Sitting Side by Side in Sikh Wedding Ceremony

Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa

The Sikh wedding hymn, Keeta Loree-ai Kaam meaning "Tell Your Wishes to the Lord" is sung to commence the Anand Karaj marriage ceremony. The hymn advises the bridal couple that a successful marital union is assured by a selfless attitude maintained while centered in contemplation of the divine.

"Dhan Pir Eh Na Akhee-an"

Sikh Bride and Groom Seated Before Guru Granth Sahib in Anand Karaj Wedding Ceremony

Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa

The Sikh marriage hymn, Dhan Pir Eh Na Akhee-a meaning "One Light Illumines Two Bodies" expresses the Sikhism concept that matrimony is a spiritual union. The belief is that the Anand Karaj ceremony fuses the souls of bride and groom together as one with the divine supreme being.

"Pallai Taiddai Laagee"

Sikh Wedding shawl ceremony

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The Sikh wedding hymn, Pallai Taiddai Laagee meaning "I Grasp Hold of Your Hem", is sung at the time that the bridal couple is joined together as one by the palla or wedding shawl. The palla is a symbolic tether of the physical bond between the bride and groom as well as their spiritual union with the divine.


sikh wedding Lavan

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The Sikh wedding hymn Laav meaning "The Four Wedding Rounds" is a quartet of verses describing four stages of spiritual awakening culminating in the union of the soul bride with the divine groom. Each of the four Laav are first to read aloud by a Granthi and then sung by Ragis while bride and groom walk around the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib during the Lavan portion of the Anand Karaj marriage ceremony. This particular set of shabads is considered as binding the couple in matrimony.

"Veeahu Hoa Mere Babula"

sikh wedding ceremony

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The Sikh matrimonial hymn Veeahu Hoa Mere Babula meaning "My Marriage Has Been Performed," is sung at the close of the Sikhism marital ceremony. The shabad signifies the joyful spiritual union of soul bride with the divine groom.

"Pooree Asa Jee Mansaa Mere Raam"

sikh wedding couple

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The Sikh wedding hymn, Pooree Asa Jee Mansaa Mere Raam meaning "My Desires Are Fulfilled" is performed at the conclusion of the Anand Karaj marriage rites. The shabad signifies the joy of fulfillment that the wedded soul bride experiences in the bliss of spiritual union with her divine groom.

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