Understanding Your Capricorn Sun

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The Dates: December 21st through January 21st

Highest Expression: Ambitious, self-reliant, disciplined, persevering, resourceful, creative, patient, family-oriented, committed, self-motivated, mature, dependable

The Shadow Side: Materialistic, serious, melancholy, strict, pessimistic, controlling, dismissive, snobby, status-seeking, ruthless, authoritarian

Quality and Element: Cardinal and Earth

Those with the Sun in Capricorn exude a sense of being in charge, and they usually are. You've likely heard that Capricorn ages in reverse. It does seem there's a maturity beyond their years, even when young. Capricorn is the Old Soul of the Zodiac

Teen Capricorn can be studious and drawn to older music and movies. Capricorn is drawn to what's long-lasting and timeless. Some things that Capricorns like are antiques, vinyl records, heirloom jewelry, and precious metals.

A Capricorn that knows what he or she wants quietly plans for the long-term. A young Capricorn that yearns for a goal will likely get it since it's so prominent in their mind. 

Some may feel out of sync with modern life and its transient or "throw away" culture. He or she stands out if they stick to their standards and act as if they're in a meritocracy. 

Worldly and Wise

They may be in pursuit of status and power, and some dark side Capricorns get there by any means necessary. A trait of the SeaGoat is being unusually preoccupied with reality and climbing the ladder of success. 

These are the masters of the physical realm, and widely admired for what they’re able to accomplish. Some deal with a lot of responsibility when they're young, and may take on the parent role.

A trait is being calm in a crisis. Look to your Sun's House chart to see where your mission is writ in bold. This reveals the kinds of activities, and the general sphere of life to play out your central purpose.

Winter's Child

If Capricorn does age in reverse, it does seem they grow childlike and retain a youthful glow. A penchant for melancholy creates a unique filter for Capricorn humor that is known to veer toward the darkly absurd.

A fortress of defenses can keep the curious and insincere at bay in their lives. To the world at large this can give the Capricorn a remote feeling that is intriguing, but those that pass the test of loyalty are allowed to see a more vulnerable side. At heart they’re interested in enduring ties and often look to family and longtime friends for emotional support.

The Sun in Capricorn has an intense drive for achievement that never lets up. They strive for a personal standard of excellence, even if the rest of the world settles for mediocrity. The ones that pursue the Arts have a disciplined approach that sets them apart from mere dreamers. If the Capricorn seems serious, perhaps it’s because they’ve got so much to do. They won’t linger too long in idleness or rest on their laurels when there are mountains to climb.

Capricorns fall into dark moods at times which can really linger. They are ruled by Saturn and being serious or saturnian comes with the package. They live with an intense sense of mortality (Saturn rules time and aging), and this is a motivator but also a bummer. It can be hard to rouse a Capricorn out of their funk—sometimes it just takes time.

Capricorn in Love

In romance, the Capricorn would fare well as one half of a power couple. The ideal would be someone they can respect, but also allows them to take charge most of the time. Once happily settled, they’ll go about the business of building both an empire and a cozy home life.

Capricorn in love has a shrewd eye for those that will help them materially or career-wise. They also have a tendency to be traditional, and may put off commitment until later in life.

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