The Betty Andreasson Abduction of 1967

B J Booth

Just the thought of alien abduction makes most of us turn away in confusion and disbelief. However, we must confront this issue, as it is an integral part of the UFO mystery. Though abduction itself may seem unlikely, some abductions fall into the truly bizarre category. One of these cases is the abduction of Betty Andreasson that occurred on the night of January 25, 1967, in the town of South Ashburnham, Massachusetts. This riveting case has become a mainstay of UFO literature.

The Red Light

Betty was in her kitchen around 6:30 PM on the night of her abduction. The rest of her family - seven children, her mother, and father were in the living room. The lights in the house began to blink, and a red light beamed into the house through the kitchen window. Betty's kids were on edge after the lights blinked, and she ran to quiet them.

Beings Walk Through Door

Startled by the red beam, Betty's father ran to look out of the kitchen window to see where the light was coming from. He was amazed to see five strange creatures heading toward their house in a hopping motion. He was startled to see the creatures simply walk through the wooden door of the kitchen right into the house. In a moment, the entire family was put into a type of trance.

Description of Beings

Betty's father would be attended by one of the creatures, while another began to have telepathic conversations with Betty. She and her father both thought that one of the creatures was the leader. He was about five-feet tall. The other four were approximately a foot shorter. They had very wide eyes, small ears, and noses, set in a pear-shaped head. There were only slits where their mouth should have been. They only communicated with their minds.

Logo of a Bird Seen

The five creatures wore a blue coverall with a wide belt. On their sleeves could be seen a logo of a bird. Three fingers were on their hands, and their feet were shod with boots. They did not actually walk but floated as they moved along. Betty later would recall that she was not frightened by their presence, but instead, felt calm. I had an opportunity to interview Betty and ask her some questions about her bizarre experience.

Suspended Animation

Meanwhile, Betty's mother and children were still in a state of suspended animation. When Betty seemed worried about them, the aliens released her 11-year-old daughter from the trance to assure her that no harm was being done to her family. Soon, Betty was taken by the aliens to a waiting craft, which rested on a hill outside of her home. Betty estimated the craft to be about 20 feet in diameter, and saucer-shaped.

Gone for Four Hours

Betty recalls that after she was aboard the UFO outside of her house, the craft took off and joined a mother-ship. There she was subjected to a physical examination and the victim of tests by strange equipment. She was given one test which caused her pain but resulted in being a religious awakening. She estimates that she was gone for four hours before being brought home by two of the aliens.

Partial Memory

Returning home, she ran to see the rest of her family. They were yet in some kind of suspended state. All along, one of the aliens had waited behind with her family. Finally, they were released from the bonds of the trance, and the aliens left. Betty had been hypnotized and told not to reveal any details of her experience. Though some of the details of her abduction were temporarily lost to her, some things she was able to recall. She remembered the power outage, the red beam of light coming into the house, and the aliens coming in.

Full Investigation

Some eight years after her experience, she answered an ad from researcher Dr. J. Allen Hynek. He was soliciting for anyone who may have had an alien experience. The letter she sent to Hynek was rejected, however, as being too bizarre to be believed. Two more years would transpire before her story would be investigated. The group of investigators included an electronics engineer, an aerospace engineer, and telecommunications specialist, a solar physicist, and a UFO investigator.

The results of this analysis were presented in a 528-page review. The review basically stated that Betty and daughter were sane individuals, believing in their experience as presented. The Betty Andreasson Luca abduction is a case which still is discussed today by UFO investigators.

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