The History of the Manhattan Alien Abduction

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One of the landmark cases of UFO abduction occurred on November 30, 1989, in Manhattan, New York. The case centers around one Linda Napolitano, who claims to have been abducted from her closed apartment window into a waiting UFO by the "grays," and subjected to medical procedures. The case became well-known through the efforts of researcher Budd Hopkins. The events began at 3:00 AM.

Loss of Memory

After the experience, Linda had almost no memory of what had occurred. She would occasionally recall a brief moment of what had happened, but she could recall actually being taken, and even the room she was examined in, but nothing more. The case was pieced together by the means of regressive hypnosis, witness statements, and the actual passing of time, as her mind began to heal itself.

Two Eye Witnesses

It would be a year after the actual abduction before Hopkins began receiving mail from two men, who claimed to have seen the abduction. At first, Hopkins was suspect of their testimony, but in time their reports would help build the case into one of the most well-documented ​alien abductions in Ufology. Without any with Napolitano, their report agreed in all aspects with Linda's memories.

Javier Perez de Cuellar

Eventually, the two men would be identified as bodyguards of senior United Nations statesman, Javier Perez de Cuellar, who was visiting Manhattan at the time of the abduction. The bodyguards claimed that Cuellar was "visibly shaken" as he watched the abduction. The three men claimed that they saw a woman being floated through the air, along with three small beings, into a large flying craft.

Napolitano's Own Words

Linda, who was forty-one years old at the time, described part of her ordeal:

"I'm standing up on nothing. And they take me out all the way up, way above the building. Ooh, I hope I don't fall. The UFO opens up almost like a clam and then I'm inside. I see benches similar to regular benches. And they're bringing me down a hallway. Doors open like sliding doors. Inside are all these lights and buttons and a big long table."

More Witnesses Come Forward

There would eventually be more witnesses come forward with their accounts of what they had seen. Hopkins kept the details of the eyewitness testimony private until he felt the case was complete enough to release publicly. One of the most striking accounts came from Janet Kimball, who was a retired telephone operator. She had seen the abduction also but thought she was watching a movie scene being filmed.

Would Cuellar Go Public?

It would be some time before Hopkins discovered the name of the United Nations statesman. When he did, he knew that if he could get a man of such distinction to come forward with his testimony, it would be the smoking gun of alien abduction, and put Ufology into the hands of the scientific community at last. Hopkins' wish would not come true. Although it has been said that Cuellar met privately with Hopkins, he would not go public.

Private Confirmation

Cuellar did aid Hopkins in verifying details of the case through correspondence but explained to Hopkins why he could not go public with his testimony. This would always leave a gap in the investigation, although there were other witnesses and Linda's own account of her terrible ordeal. Despite some ups and downs, Hopkins probably did his finest work in bringing together the story of the abduction of Linda Napolitano.

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