The Verse/Chorus Song Form

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Verse/chorus is a type of song form often used in love songs, pop, country and rock music.


This type of song sets up the scenario on the opening verse. Usually, there are ,several verses made up of 8 lines with the last line preparing the listeners for the chorus. The chorus is the part of the song that often sticks to the mind of a listener because it contrasts with the verse and is repeated several times. The title of the song is usually included in the chorus as well as the main theme. One important rule of thumb when writing the verse/chorus song is to try to get to the chorus quickly, so avoid writing verses that are too long.

Song Sample

An example of a verse/chorus song is "More Than Just The Two Of Us" by the group called Sneaker. This song has three verses and after each verse, there is a chorus with only two lines that are repeated making the song memorable.

  • First Verse: There are times when all your love is meant for me
  • Chorus: It´s more than just the two of us
  • Second Verse: In your touch come the words so hard to say
  • Chorus: It´s more than just the two of us
  • Third Verse: In my eyes you are the warmth of the sun
  • Chorus: It´s more than just the two of us (repeated twice)

Music Sample:

Listen to a music sample of the song "More Than Just The Two Of Us"

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