The 5 Funny Websites You Should Read Every Day

Every day, more than log on to the internet, and there are almost half a billion websites for them to visit. Some of the most popular websites offer funny reading in the form of strange news, satirical articles, celebrity gossip, and more. From Reddit to BuzzFeed, these are the top five pages for getting your daily dose of entertainment.

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Image © Reddit

Reddit calls itself “the front page of the internet,” and that is exactly what it is. Just as many people used to read the newspaper while eating breakfast, one to two million internet users read Reddit each each morning to get their daily dose of current events. The site is a community message board driven by user-generated content.

Reddit content comes entirely from the public, with registered users uploading videos, links, stories, images, and other media so that other users—known as Redditors—can comment on them. Think of Reddit as a virtual bulletin board where people from all over the world chime in on everything from news stories to funny pictures.

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Image © Cracked

If you're old enough, you might remember "Cracked," the monthly humor magazine that launched in 1958. While the magazine is no longer printed, the humor site Cracked is very much alive and well—delivering content with the same zany sense of humor that made the magazine famous. has over two million fans on Facebook and is read by over five million people each month.

The site features a daily mix of articles, videos, comics, and blogs. The articles are generally in list form, and the subject matter is typically humorous but also intended to teach readers something new and unexpected. This is the site to visit when you’ve got some time to kill and you want to learn something new through engaging, funny prose. From topical subjects like to relationship and sex advice like , this website truly covers it all.

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You know those funny images, , and memes that hit your Facebook news feed every day? Many of them come from Imgur, a free file-sharing site where users upload . Imgur is free to use, free to browse, and you can download any photo you like with just a couple of clicks. The site provides material for almost all of the big humor-sharing sites, especially Reddit and Digg.

Imgur users love pictures of cute animals, beautiful scenery, and whatever social phenomena are currently making headlines, so stopping at this site is the perfect way to ease into your routine while still keeping your finger on the pulse of the internet.

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The Superficial
Image © The Superficial

If you're not easily offended and you enjoy your celebrity gossip with a heavy dose of snark, you'll want to add Celebuzz to your browsing routine. The site is part of the  network, which includes other celebrity-oriented sites like , , , and , to name a few.

Celebuzz reports on the hottest stories about celebrities and the entertainment industry, making fun of the world's beautiful people while also celebrating their existence. The site always has the newest paparazzi photos and never misses an embarrassing moment in Hollywood. Celebuzz loves starlets in bikinis, making fun of Lindsay Lohan, and has an unhealthy obsession with actor Peter Dinklage (of HBO's "Game of Thrones").

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Image © BuzzFeed

Looking for quick links to the “hottest, most social content” on the web? Look no further than BuzzFeed. Each day the site features the latest stories and images that are most likely to go viral, and though BuzzFeed covers a wide range of topics, the main site tends to focus on humor.

BuzzFeed features a unique mix of articles written by staff members, site users, and partner sites like and , so you’re sure to find easy-to-read articles that suit your every mood.