Humor & Whimsy

Indulge your curiosity and have a little fun with these stories about the weird and the wonderful. With articles on aliens, cats, cartoons, and hoaxes, this collection is guaranteed boredom-basher.

Animated UFO


24 Funny One-Liners to Tell at Parties


Can You Unlock a Car With a Cell Phone?


Area 51: A Top Secret Government Facility

  • A drawing of an excited cartoon character stretching out her arms and yelling with delight. The following text is at the top of the image:


    23 Library Memes for Book Lovers

  • An intricate crop circle in a large field as seen from above.


    What the Evidence Says About Crop Circles

  • List

    23 Funny Tombstones That Actually Exist

  • Leopard seal, Antarctica


    10 Cute Animals That Could Easily Kill You


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  • Web Humor
  • Weird News
  • Paranormal & Ghosts
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