Top 5 Soccer Magazines Worldwide

Soccer—or football—is a sport that is now popular in just about every country in the world, not just in Europe. Internet coverage has almost reached the saturation point, with a plethora of websites to quench the thirst of even the most obsessive soccer fan. If you want a break from your reading on your computer screen, here’s a list of the best soccer magazines available.

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Cover art for World Soccer magazine
World Soccer

Launched in 1960, World Soccer is regarded as one of the most trusted authorities on the game. It boasts a pool of the best soccer journalists, including Spanish correspondent Sid Lowe, South American expert Tim Vickery, and veteran columnist Brian Glanville. Since 1982, the magazine has also organized "Player of the Year," "Manager of the Year," and "Team of the Year" awards. For a comprehensive monthly review of the game, look no further than World Soccer.

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Cover art for FourFourTwo magazine

Having released over 180 issues, FourFourTwo is a staple for many soccer fans. As well as delivering top name interviews, it strives to provide a fly-on-the-wall look at the game, with ex-professionals regularly dishing the dirt on what a soccer dressing room is really like. The editorial team has clearly set out to produce an edgy publication, with front page teasers such as “Drugs in Football: Why a big star will be busted this season." Its humorous and informative account of the sport is published each month.

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Cover art for Champions Magazine
Champions Magazine

This is UEFA’s official magazine to accompany the Champions League. A bi-monthly publication, Champions is unrivaled in the sheer number of in-depth interviews it contains with Europe's top players and managers. All protagonists featured in each issue will have taken part in the Champions League in that actual season. Like World Soccer, it utilizes the talents of some excellent writers, such as English-based Spanish journalist Guillem Balague and Marcela Mora y Araujo, an authority on Argentinean soccer.

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Cover of Soccer America magazine
Soccer America

Soccer America has been a reliable source of information on the sport in the United States since the early 1970s. It has built up a significant online presence, no longer available only through mail order. Soccer America has reverted from being a weekly publication to a glossy monthly magazine and boasts the talents of Paul Gardner who also writes a regular column for World Soccer.

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Cover of WSC magazine

A cheaper alternative than most of its rivals, WSC started in March 1986 and features content from journalists, fans, and readers. Renowned authors such as Nick Hornby and Simon Kuper have also made contributions to a magazine that predominantly covers British soccer but also contains a section on the world game. WSC places a big emphasis on features, and claims to take “both a serious and humorous view of the sport.”