Top 10 Greatest Juanes Songs

Juanes Performs At The Forum
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Juanes is not only one of Colombia's most famous singers, he is also one of the most influential Latin music artists in the world. Born Juan Esteban Aristizabal Vasquez, his stage name, Juanes, is a contraction of his first and second names. A recording star since his teenage years, Juanes has won six U.S. Grammy Awards and twenty Latin Grammy Awards.

Here are our ten favorite Juanes songs. 

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"Mala Gente"

"Mala Gente" is one of the best songs from Un Dia Normal, the album that transformed Juanes into a Latin music superstar. Un Dia Normal is, in fact, an essential Latin Pop and Rock album from one of today's most influential Colombian artists.

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"Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor"

After Un Dia Normal, Juanes released a very successful work entitled Mi Sangre. "Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor" was one of the most popular tracks included in this album. Its sound is defined by romantic lyrics and a soft rock melody.

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This track is also included in Juanes's excellent album Un Dia Normal. "Fotografia" is a romantic track featuring Nelly Furtado. It features a pleasant melody and a very nice duet by these two music stars. "Fotografia" is definitely one of the most popular songs by Juanes.

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"Volverte A Ver"

"Volverte A Ver," a track included on the album Mi Sangre, is one of the most romantic songs by Juanes. The lyrics, which are full of romanticism and surrounded by a simple melody, explore the idea that without the person you love, life is meaningless.

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"Es Por Ti"

"Es Por Ti" set the field for Juanes as a romantic singer. This single, which is included in the hit album Un Dia Normal is one of the most successful songs by Juanes. Its simple melody did the trick on this one.

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"Me Enamora"

From the 2007 album, "Me Enamora" offers the alternative sound Juanes has built through the combination of rock and pop with traditional music from the interior of Colombia. "Me Enamora" is one of the most pleasant songs by Juanes.

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"Yerbatero" is a hit song from an album released in 2010 by the Colombian superstar. This single offers his characteristic alternative sound. The song also provides a very nice melody with a sort of gypsy-like flavor to it.

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"La Paga"

"La Paga" is Juanes's first successful attempt at blending rock and pop with traditional Colombian music, known as Musica de Carrilera, which is typical in the so-called Paisa area where Juanes grew up. This is one of the best songs included in the hit album Un Dia Normal and as far as we're concerned, one of the best songs by Juanes.

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"A Dios Le Pido"

One of the greatest songs by Juanes is "A Dios Le Pido." This single is the most popular hit from the album Un Dia Normal. This is the song that moved the music of Juanes beyond the Colombian borders. Soon after its release, "A Dios Le Pido" became a musical sensation throughout Latin America and the U.S.

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"La Camisa Negra"

"La Camisa Negra" is definitely the most popular song by Juanes. If "A Dios Le Pido" opened the doors of Latin America and the U.S. to Juanes, "La Camisa Negra" put the world at his feet. "La Camisa Negra," a single included on the album Mi Sangre, follows the music style that Juanes previously tried with "La Paga," mixing traditional Colombian music with rock and pop sounds. This single is a nice tune to play at a Latin party.

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