Treva Bedinghaus

Treva Bedinghaus, Guide to Dance for, is a journalist with a passion for dance. She has a strong dance background in several dance styles, including ballet, tap and jazz.


Treva began dancing at an early age, studying ballet, tap, jazz and modern dancing at Holli Barron's School of Performing Arts and The Ballet Academy, both in Texas. She has performed with various ballet companies in numerous dance productions and performances, including several Nutcrackers. She danced competitively for several years, in both solo and group competitions, earning several awards and honors. She taught several dance classes at a private dance school, and choreographed numerous dance routines for various performances. She excelled in tap dancing during college as a proud member of the Dance Arts Society at Texas A&M University.

Treva Bedinghaus

I've been dancing as long as I can remember. I loved to dance as a child, and I continue to love it as an adult. As I have witnessed, once dance gets into your heart, it's there to stay. People of all ages can learn how to dance, and it's never too late to learn. It is my desire to educate and inspire others to begin or continue dancing. I hope to encourage others to explore and enjoy the many styles of dance.

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