7 Suggestions On Where To Find Auditions

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Where to Find Acting Auditions

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Actor friends, regardless of whether or not you are currently represented by a great talent agent, you can (and should!) always seek auditions on your own.  While certain casting notices are only available to agents and managers, there are still many places to look to find out what is currently being cast so that you can submit for projects.  But you must carefully seek out legitimate sources of obtaining auditions.  

Building upon my article about obtaining auditions without the help of a talent agent, I have compiled a list of where you can look to see projects which are currently casting, and where you are able to self-submit for projects.  (All of the casting services listed in this article have personally helped me to obtain auditions, and I am confident that they can work for you, too!)

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Seeking Auditions from Online Casting Sites

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Searching online for auditions is a great place to find opportunities for acting work and to self-submit for projects.  There are lots of websites which will allow you to search for auditions, and it is important to be certain that the websites that you choose to utilize are legitimate. Check out the following suggestions:  

1)  Actors Access

is an online service provided by “” which releases casting notices to agents and managers who then may submit their clients for auditions.  On Actors Access, actors are able to self-submit for numerous projects in areas all across the USA, Toronto and Vancouver, for a fee.  There are all sorts of projects listed on this platform, and it is a great way to see what is being cast and who is casting the role.  And speaking of finding out who is casting a role, another service provided by “Breakdown Services” called “” will give you information about what is currently casting.  (Signing up for a yearly subscription to - in order to obtain audition "sides" - will allow you to submit to acting auditions on ActorsAccess.com for free!)     

2)  Casting Networks

is another helpful online source of obtaining auditions.  Talent agents as well as actors are able to utilize this casting site in order to submit for projects.  An actor can self-submit to various projects, again for a fee.  Casting Networks is a global organization which allows actors to self-submit for auditions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Australia, The United Kingdom, France, Latin America, India, and soon Russia.  

3)  Casting Frontier

is yet another trusted online platform that allows actors to self-submit for projects casting in the United States and in Toronto, Canada.  This service also requires a fee to submit a headshot and resume to a casting director.    

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Finding Auditions in Publications

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4)  Backstage

While the three online resources mentioned on the previous page are very helpful and convenient, searching for auditions in printed publications is also a good idea.   magazine can be of tremendous help in locating and submitting to auditions. Backstage is published weekly, and it has been a trusted, helpful publication for actors for many years. You can find audition notices in the in-print version of Backstage, and you also have the option to look on the Backstage.com website, too!  Additionally, Backstage publishes a book called “” and it lists information for many casting directors.  Reading Backstage is also very helpful in learning about news and what is coming-up in the near future in our industry.  

Personally, I enjoy picking up an in-print copy of Backstage at the bookstore because it is quiet and I am focused.  Plus, I usually find other publications while I'm there!  If you live here in Hollywood, you can swing by on Sunset Boulevard on Thursdays to pick up your copy.  (While you’re there, make sure to tell the lovely staff that I say hello! You'll probably see me there, too!)

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Casting Director Workshops

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5)  Attend a Casting Director Workshop

Many actors attend casting director workshops in order to meet and perform for a casting director.  You can read more about these sorts of workshops here.  Should you choose to pay to attend a casting director workshop, this can be a great way to meet casting directors, and possibly be called in for auditions. 

Even though it is certainly not guaranteed that you will obtain auditions because of attending a casting director workshop, the workshops can be very informative about the projects that a casting office are currently working on.

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Networking and Other Sources

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6)  Friends and Other Networking Sources

One of the best ways to find out about what is casting and how to submit to a project is to be well-connected in the entertainment industry with friends and s whom you trust. Do as much networking as you can!  Talk to and learn from everyone possible, and find out about what is currently casting, how to submit, and to whom to submit your materials.  

(Joining an ongoing acting class is a fantastic way to network and create long lasting friendships in the entertainment biz!)

7)  Social Media and New Media

As many of my readers are well-aware, I am a huge fan of utilizing new media/social media in order to help further an acting career.  I have obtained multiple auditions, found out about castings, made industry connections, obtained agents, met new friends and booked jobs simply because of social media and social networking.  New media is changing the entertainment industry and creating new opportunities for performers everywhere.  (Click here to read about my experience at VidCon 2015!)

Gone are the days that actors need to depend on agents to submit them for projects in order to work as an actor.  (In fact, the only person that you ever need to truly depend on is yourself!)  We actors and artists can create our own careers and call our own shots!  This certainly does not mean that agents and managers are not helpful – they certainly are – and as mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are still certain auditions which only talent representatives have access to.  However, you have a lot of power in your hands!  (Click here to read about the talented Jennifer Levinson and Steven Kanter, who have created a successful new media presence and social following.)  

If you build a strong presence in new media, it can open doors in your career in entertainment that you might not even know exist!  Check out this interview with Scale Management – a talent management company that manages social media stars – many who are also actors, singers and artists.

Bottom Line

Friends, there are numerous websites, publications and resources where you may find information about auditions. The ones listed in this article are meant to be used as a guide in order to help you.  Until you choose to hire an agent or a manager to help you, you can achieve a tremendous amount on your own.  Good luck!